A tour of legendary Pebble Beach includes dramatic coastline viewing, world-class hospitality at award-winning restaurants, and recreation in one of the most gorgeous places on Earth. Pebble Beach has been a top tourist destination since the early 20th century, a time when you could buy oceanfront land for only $500 per lot and the transportation of the day was the horse-drawn buggy. The spectacular scenery and landscape that drew travelers of all kinds to Pebble Beach in the first half of the 1900’s is still as pristine and beautiful as it once was, and when you visit this stunning locale you’ll quickly see that nature has it’s own agenda here.

Pebble beach its known for its picturesque backdrops for sunbathing, dining, and of course, playing golf – which is one of the top activities in the area. The elegance of the eateries, inns, golf courses, and other establishments in Pebble Beach is unparalleled, so it makes an ideal destination for a romantic getaway or simply a much-deserved day out to rest and renew. Although Pebble Beach is a quiet seaside town, you’ll find a completely different ambiance here than in Monterey or Carmel. Many travelers choose to ditch the flip-flops and beach shorts in favor of pretty sundresses and khaki golf shorts.

No matter when you come to Pebble Beach you’ll have a wonderful selection of things to see and do. If you’re looking forward to that big golf game, however, consider visiting during spring and fall so that the mysterious-but-ominous summer fog won’t drench your sun. It’s fun to take the 17 Mile Drive to Pebble Beach, and to view the lush greenery and dramatic shoreline cliffs on the way to Pebble Beach. When you arrive, take a walk on an oceanfront path, get a spa treatment, or visit the Pebble Beach Equestrian Center.

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