One of the most scenic locales in the country and a place that inspires more than just writers and poets, renowned Caramel-by-the-Sea is a top tourist spot for travelers from all over the world. This beautiful, European-style village overlooks a pristine white sand beach, and sits nestled into lush greenery scattered among charming shops, art galleries, and inns.

Artists come to Carmel to connect with nature and fuel their passion. Romances are sparked and kindled in Carmel, and celebrities come to this seaside town to escape for holidays. Carmel is absolutely amazing in landscape and offerings, so it’s no wonder that the destination a top 10-rated getawayfor relaxation and rejuvenation year after year.

On a tour of Carmel, you’ll quickly see that most everything there is to see and do is within walking distance. Stroll the pedestrian-friendly esplanadesin the early morning and then dine at quaint cafes, or step into a winery for a tasting in the afternoon. It’s easy to love Carmel and its hidden courtyards, secret passageways, and stunning gardens, so make sure you set aside time to explore this area’s unique history, heritage, and happenings.

Some of the exciting attractions you’ll encounter in Carmel include beautiful fairy tale cottages designed by Hugh Comstock, bohemian shops and bookstores, the Robinson Jeffers’ log cabin, and several famous locations seen on screen and film. One of the most popular activities in Carmel is touring the Carmel Mission (Mission San Carlos Borromeo del rio Carmel), which is known for its physical and spiritual beauty.

On your way in or out of Carmel, you’ll surely delight in the sights on the famed 17-Mile Drive, where some of the Earth’s most exquisite natural treasures are found. This road leisurely winds through the gorgeous Del Monte Forrest, on the way to laid-back Pebble Beach, where first-rate golf courses, restaurants, and boutiques await.

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